Specialist Business Contract Lawyers


Hall Ellis Solicitors are specialist business contract lawyers.

We provide specialist contract advice including:

  • verifying that you know what the contract does
  • drawing attention to tricks of the trade that can catch you out
  • informing you of the legal effect of the contract, which may be different to what you believe or have been told
  • advising on what is missing from the contract
  • checking terms of payment and inhibitors



Fewer clauses means less complexity.

Fewer schedules in contracts means less complexity.

Fewer terms means less complexity.

Complexity costs time. Everyone’s.

Lawyers usually love to pile on layers of "stuff". Often, it's not necessary for your business. It's practically impossible to get around once the contract is signed.

Complexity costs money.

We avoid complexity, where at all possible.

Before you Sign


We advise small business and emerging operators to set up contracts:

Business Contracts

  • online and offline Terms of Business and Trade, to trade within the law and meet ever expanding regulatory requirements
  • master service agreement to streamline your legal business dealings
  • framework agreements
  • reseller agreements
  • distribution agreements
  • sale of businesses
  • shareholders' agreements
  • joint venture agreements
  • share purchase agreements
  • sales and purchases of business assets

Intellectual Property Protection and Commercialisation

  • confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
  • sales and acquisitions of intellectual property rights, such as patents, copyright protected material, design rights and trade marks
  • intellectual property rights licences, in websites, brands

Technology and Software Contracts

  • cloud-based services contracts
  • software distribution agreements
  • software as a service contracts
  • master development agreements
  • hardware warranties
  • hosting agreements
  • software development agreements
  • internet service provider agreements
  • software licences

After you Sign


Ever wondered whether you can lawfully do something under an contract?


  • diagnose and clarify the potential consequences of breach of contract and suggest steps to correct or avoid it
  • validate proposed courses of action for contractual compliance
  • dispel far-fetched and spectacular claims and myths spread by opposing parties
  • promote your awareness of fundamentally important requirements of specific contract clauses and what they mean
  • address delays and take steps address them, such as obtaining financial relief
  • diagnose whether products and services comply with contractual requirements - or not
  • develop exit strategies from contracts where business relationships have soured
  • prepare variations to contracts, and steer businesses to implement changes to terms of contracts.

Manage Legal Risk


We can advise on the legal risks associated with taking steps under a contract. Often you can take steps from which there is no return or which may lead to a loss of legal rights when:

  • rights to terminate contracts arise
  • rights to suspend supply of services and delivery of products exist
  • claims arise from performance delays
  • damages claims become relevant and how much might be payable
  • breaches of contract come in to play
  • intellectual property rights are infringed

Select the option that meets your requirements:

You need a contract that:
  • contains easy to follow language and sets you up for negotiations
  • will be based on a template contract but need it checked to make sure it is up to scratch
  • mirrors how your business operates
  • will protect your business if something goes wrong
  • will not scare off your counterpart when you negotiate
  • avoid unnecessary complexity and jargon

Prepare Contract

You have received a contract to sign and:
  • you are pretty confident about most of it, but remain uncertain about some parts
  • the clauses do not say what you thought they would say
  • you have been asked a question that you can't answer
  • you have received a revision to the contract are unsure how to handle it
  • you can't see a way to get out of the contract if things go wrong
  • it is written in a way that you might get trapped, but can’t see exactly how
  • you're not sure what to do

Contract Review

You have a contract which:
  • comes back with so many change requests
  • loses you business because the contract is too complicated
  • wastes money with queries, training and delay, & gets in the way of closing new business
  • need to include new products or service offerings
  • means one thing to you and your counterpart thinks it means something else
  • the time it takes to prepare contracts causes real distraction from business

Fix Contract

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