We're specialist Software Solicitors

We have advised businesses across a wide range of industries to protect their software - from retail cloud services to military software applications.

  • Stop wasting time explaining your software and technology to your solicitors
  • Describe what you need for your software licences in a common language
  • Legal advice delivered in language you can understand
  • Move your business ahead to address legal developments in your business

Why use a specialist software law firm?

We've had clients say to us that their biggest problem is that they haven't come across a law firm that understands software.

When you instruct an expert technology solicitor, you don't need to:

  • spend time educating your solicitor on software
  • get asked lots of questions just to find out what you are talking about
  • explain the difference between component, library and an application and how (and why) they interact
  • say which parts of the code are more important than others

It can be counterproductive.

We are specialist software solicitors based businesses, and 

  • not just aware of IT and software, but understand it 
  • advise on right type of contract for the sort of transaction you're looking at
  • avoid inappropriate terms of contract because the subject matter is not understood
  • know the common legal issues which might confront your business
  • present a range of issue the issues that come up, the options available, and how different businesses choose to deal with them.

The difference in the advice you receive can be profound.

What you get with specialist software solicitors

Ideally, your software solicitors will understand the subject matter they are dealing with. How your business works to move its technology to the market.

You end up with a better shot to identify quickly:

  • what needs attention in your software licensing contracts
  • what can be ignored
  • what can be negotiated away, and
  • the direction you should move to get started in the right direction.

We take a logic-based approach.  We try to operate with a common language to minimise confusion and get on the same wavelength.

We can connect the dots between commercial problems and move towards resolving the legal problems your business faces. We can understand and adapt into situations quickly and get on your level.

Combine this background with our expertise in software law, and you end up with well-rounded software technology legal advice. You find out things that other lawyers are less likely to be aware of, and cover angles which might otherwise be missed.


Software Contracts and Disputes

Solicitors with in-depth software knowledge are few and far between. We mean the sort of knowledge you get from degree-level qualifications in software engineering.

Having a programming background is something which helps because you can describe your problems in your own language to us, and we have the other language – legal – necessary to move towards what you need.

You spend less time briefing a specialist solicitor, and we spend less time doing what is required. Our kind of background assists you because:

  • you can describe the business problems in your language and
  • have the legal issues with software explained on your level.

An understanding of infrastructure such as network communications, databases, knowing where open source licences fit and the structure of software can fundamentally alter the understanding of the commercial and legal positions between the parties and the legal advice given. For example:

  • when proprietary software licences are compatible with open source licences and when they are not
  • identifying when software licensing documentation is entirely inappropriate for some types of software, firmware and hardware 
  • when granting a software licence is not the sort of contract you should use 
  • the significance of information, electronic evidence, how to deal with it, make the most of it and know what should be available and isn't

We know that legal problems do not exist in isolation to commercial problems.

We can unravel the strengths and weakness of your situation, how you might recover from a bad position, retain hard-earned advantages and when to take a stand and when to run (and the right way to run).

You can move to improve your position and use other parties’ weaknesses to your advantage.

Technology Legal Advice Experience

We can talk to you coherently about the interaction between software licences and commercial arrangements soaked in technology.  For example:

Contracts and Commercial Transactions

  • cloud-based services & SaaS agreements: software-as-a-service and appropriate licensing models, service level agreements (ie SLAs), & rectifying shortfalls in proposed delivery of online services
  • data licensing: to include relevant rights and excluded those which are not applicable to the transaction, to avoid over-licensing and under-licensing
  • framing contractswhich suit your business requirements, select from the available types of software licensing models, to avoid unnecessary complexity with a focus on simplicity which sets your business up to glide through negotiations
  • technology infrastructure: how some contracts might be optimised to take advantage of it

Avoiding Business Disputes

  • problem spotting: identify defects in contractual arrangements which can operate to be fatal to your business
  • positioning: manoeuvre your business into a superior position in disputes
  • electronic evidence: know where the evidence is likely to be located to improve your position where someone has damaged or threatens to hurt your business
  • structuring contracts and services: suggest the structure of source code, libraries, and how that might be important to software development contracts, cloud based licencing and software licensing
  • service level agreements: finding weaknesses in complex service level agreements, devising plans to exploit them

Software and Technology Advice

Our expertise in software and technology extends into dealing with:

  • contractual issues with the different types of software licences
  • failures to deliver on what was promised
  • confronting allegations that a contract has been breached
  • handling consequences of delay delivering contracted services
  • termination of contracts in contracts which have soured
  • limiting liability if disaster strikes
  • re-establishing solid legal footing where there has been slippage
  • non-compete clauses and restrictive covenants

Our software solicitors advise on:


What people say:

Avoid Business Risk

"We had Leigh look over the contracts. He put perspective on where we were at and what we should do before we agreed terms. Once I knew what I would be signing up to, there was no way I was going to expose my business to the sort of risk they were asking us to sign up to."

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Rob Udwin


Metafour International Limited

Straight Talking

"Talk to Leigh because he doesn't speak like a lawyer, but he knows his stuff. He doesn't try to bamboozle you with a load of legal jargon. He will tell you what you need to know and will omit what you don't need to know."

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Nick Snow


Aerospace Warranty Management Ltd

Waste less Time

"We find our business was more streamlined with less hassle between enquiry and sale.

For us it means that we waste less time talking about the legals and more time growing the business.

The business is in a better place and operates more efficiently because we are not having to work so hard to close deals."

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Joe Hoy


Forensic Analytics Ltd

Not over the Top

We’re a small business and we cannot sustain the way they pile resources in and over-deliver with advice that we can’t use and does not help.

One of the drivers for using a small firm such as Leigh’s is that it does not go over the top. If we want more detail, all we need to do is ask.

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Johan Gustafson

Creative Director

Hattrick Limited


Reduce the hassle 

Know the legal implications of legal documentation prepared for you to sign by third parties.

Include contractual rights omitted from draft contracts which, if you knew what we knew, you would want included.

We check contractual documentation to make sure it does what you think it will do.

Get software legal issues explained in plain language.

Get the benefit of small law firm rates.

Better understand the legal implications of business decisions

Enhance your credibility by being better prepared to walk into negotiations and handle unwanted disputes

Our experience and advice can get business on track faster.

Avoid wasting money and time in the process.

We can set you straight on your software contracts and set you on your way.

Legal advice that is to the point.

Working with you

We can operate as an occasional extension of your team. It is not so expensive that it spirals out of control.


Specialist Software law firm

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