Need to simplify an unnecessarily complex contract?

Align your contracts so that they work for your business

  • get rid of legal provisions that only get in the way of new business
  • stop losing business because your contracts aren't up to the task
  • minimise legal gibberish
  • reduce the change requests you receive, time and time again
  • reframe clauses that get questioned by potential partners during negotiations

Long and complex contracts have their place. If you have been presented with terms of contract and told to "sign it or leave it", it might be the wrong contract for your business.

Rarely do small and medium size business need long and complicated agreements to do anything. More time and trouble is needed to read them, understand them, and assess whether they are right for your business. They also tend to be more enforce where there is a serious breach; sometimes by design.

Usually they require more time than what they are worth. They cause extended negotiations and unwanted delays to see them through to signing and completion of the sales process. And then there is the expense of training your own people to understand them and explain them to customers.

What if we told you that a lot of the text that appears in long contracts just restates the general law and applies anyway? What if it does not need to be there?  Would that change your mind about what needs to be in the contract and what does not? Do you think it would make your contractual documents more manageable? Do you think it might make your contracts more cost-effective and timely to produce?

Furthermore, defective contracts bring with them a series of problems. If they do not hang together, they cause confusion and misunderstandings. More explanation and changes to get the deal done.

Is it really necessary?


You may have a contract and:

  • experience problems arising from the size of the contract – such as:
    • complexity that does not really need to be there which hamstrings your business
    • administrative burdens imposed on the business, costing money and time
    • having to force the contract through every step
    • containing stages of projects which do not actually exist in performance of contract delivery
  • get resistance from managers, executives and owners – do they have time to read it? Are they even prepared to invest money to review it? Does it make economic sense for them to?
  • spend time looking up terms used in the contract, and then trying to work out what they mean, and then having to do it all again when interrupted by pressing business priorities
  • be called upon to engage in extended negotiations, conference calls and meetings to explain the intention of contract terms, constantly on the revisions carousel
  • handling too many documents which make up the contractual relationship, that require too much effort and checking before sending to customers, along with the human error element
  • have a feeling that you are wasting your time because it is all painfully inefficient?

No single contract is the best for all business. Different businesses have different risk profiles. Businesses have options to choose their contract terms.

What can we do to improve your contracts?


Better business usually means converting more customers with more contracts. We are able to help you add value to your business with quicker and cleaner process that does not require so much time and attention for every customer.

To make your business process easier, with your assistance we can transform contracts into:

  1. reusable and recyclable documents to minimise the managerial agony out of preparing them
  2. coherent and easy to follow legal documents that work for your business
  3. documents which do not spark copious enquiries, meetings, clarifications, and drafts and redrafts and further discussions
  4. modular contracts which flex for each customer
  5. documents which are understandable and do not get in the way of closing the deal
  6. identify specific concerns of customers and clients, and address them quickly and efficiently
  7. business peoples’ contracts that you can stand by

What our clients say:

Clear Legal Advice

"As soon as we started talking to Leigh, the IP rights we owned became clear and clearer.

He can explain software, IP rights and tech law without your eyes glazing over with the 'what’s he talking about?' thoughts. We ended up with a strong contractual position in our negotiations."

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Iain Kennedy


Psand Limited

Knows the Game

"Leigh knows what he’s doing, he knows the game, he knows the technology. Don't waste your time shopping. Time is too valuable. I've already done that shopping, I've already done the homework, I've already gone through the whole experience and learned from my experience and take it and run with it and call him right now."

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Barry Bahrami


Commercial Network Services

More Informed

"We moved from having no knowledge about intellectual property in software to knowing where the boundaries are, so that we can now handle more things internally. We know where most of the gotchas are, and know when we need to be wary. We make more informed decisions and have reduced our risk exposure."

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David Samuel

Founder; Chief Science Officer

Prediction Machines

Less Time & Money on Legals

"Shopping around for a solicitor is a pain. When you pick a solicitor you have to take a risk somewhere. Leigh put me at ease in the initial conversation, and made it clear that he understands the commercial side of the law.

Now, we spend far less time and money on legal problems in our business."

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Aron Calder



Better Contracts, Better Business


You can enhance the chances that your business will convert more leads in less time.

Avoid wasted overheads involved in training staff and sales process, and deploy your staff more productively.

Remove roadblocks to employee motivation and performance and improve the profitability of your business.

It means better, more efficient business.


How can we help you fix and simplify your contracts?

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