Business Ready Contracts to Protect your Business


Straight-talking, pragmatic advice. Focused on business outcomes

  • Clear up the uncertainties in contracts to avoid making poor business decisions
  • Protect your business security, better assign risk exposure and limit liability
  • Negotiate professionally from a position of strength
  • More easily win customers
  • Shorten sales lead times and stop leaking money

Protect your Business with the right contract

It can be difficult to know what you are signing up to in complex contracts. Lengthy, confusing and unclear contractual documentation wastes your time.

Uncertainty generates more revisions, more queries, more calls for more meetings to negotiate, let alone the problems scheduling them. If your potential business partner cannot or does not want to engage a solicitor to help resolve them, you could end up losing the business.

Your contract terms should not be the sticking point. Confusion with contract terms can also mean you have left your business open to something further that you have not thought of.

It’s stressful worrying about what might come if your contracts aren’t up to task. Will it protect your business in a dispute? Does the contract do what it should and what you think it does? It’s important to get contracts right the first time so you can put the stress behind you and focus on what you’re good at. Running your business.


The Importance of Clarity in Contracts


Contracts not easily understood by middle managers, senior executives and business owners are bad for business. If there are uncertainties, it usually means there is a real risk that you will lose money, lose revenue and lose control of your business and its security.

Poor contracts create further problems. As your business grows, your team expands.

You can’t explain every single contract term to your team, so that they can explain them to customers. The more complex the contract, the more wasted money and time. Your sales pipeline is slower. When you’re doing one-on-one negotiations with a future business partner, problems that delay signing are best avoided. You lose an opportunity for commercial advantage.

It’s painful inefficiency.

Your contracts also say something about your business. The terms of contact should follow on from your initial discussions. If your contracts do not align with what you say it says when you negotiate, it can create the wrong impression and damage trust with partners early on.

Worse still, poorly drafted contracts are more difficult to enforce. The legal effect of your contracts should be clear and understandable - by those who are going to sign off on it. 

And you should know what matters, what you shouldn’t negotiate away, and what you can give ground on – and on what conditions. 

Clarity ensures that when read, your business partners see the same thing that you see.

A good contract creates a framework for that to happen. And it should be reusable, time and time again.

Business Contracts Ready for Business

Business gets simpler and easier when you work with contract terms made for your business. As you know, nothing's ever 100% certain.

Your contracts should eliminate difficulties and simplify your business relationships. There is so much less room to manoeuvre. Disputes are easier to handle with clear written terms.

You work within the framework set up by the signed contract. If the contract is not working for you, change it for the future. Become more legally aware of the obligations and what they mean.

That means you can focus more on your business and not worry about whether your contract has got your back. One less thing to worry about. Communicate that you are serious about business and not one for taking of liberties, at your expense.

How We Can Help

We make contracts so that you:

  1. know your legal position and responsibilities before you even get started with a customer
  2. better protect your business from legal claims if something goes wrong
  3. have a framework to:
    • structure discussion about money: upfront
    • know what you can give away when you negotiate, and what you should not
    • know what your negotiating points will be, and how to approach them
  4. allocate risk and liability to where it should be (not necessarily on your business)
  5. limit liability to what is appropriate for your business
  6. avoid onerous provisions being shunted your way when they should not
  7. ensure that you:
    • get in the best position to get paid
    • can get out of the contract if trust disappears
    • do not sign up to obligations you cannot honour or probably do not need
  8. handle unwanted delays, and its consequences.

Your business is less likely to waste time, money and effort when you have the right contract for your business. Less likely to be caught out and miss something.

Make sure your contract contains the legal clauses that it should contain. Omit clauses that should not or do not need to be there. Don't miss anything that should be covered.


What our clients say:

Clear Legal Advice

"As soon as we started talking to Leigh, the IP rights we owned became clear and clearer.

He can explain software, IP rights and tech law without your eyes glazing over with the 'what’s he talking about?' thoughts. We ended up with a strong contractual position in our negotiations."

read on >

Iain Kennedy


Psand Limited

Knows the Game

"Leigh knows what he’s doing, he knows the game, he knows the technology. Don't waste your time shopping. Time is too valuable. I've already done that shopping, I've already done the homework, I've already gone through the whole experience and learned from my experience and take it and run with it and call him right now."

read on >

Barry Bahrami


Commercial Network Services

More Informed

"We moved from having no knowledge about intellectual property in software to knowing where the boundaries are, so that we can now handle more things internally. We know where most of the gotchas are, and know when we need to be wary. We make more informed decisions and have reduced our risk exposure."

read on >

David Samuel

Founder; Chief Science Officer

Prediction Machines

Less Time & Money on Legals

"Shopping around for a solicitor is a pain. When you pick a solicitor you have to take a risk somewhere. Leigh put me at ease in the initial conversation, and made it clear that he understands the commercial side of the law.

Now, we spend far less time and money on legal problems in our business."

read on >

Aron Calder




Our Services

We advise on all sorts of software and IT related contracts, in all sorts of industries, including manufacturing, automotive, insurance, aerospace, financial services, retail services, online ticketing, to name a few. You can speak to someone who understands your language, can be a real benefit and cut through to what matters so you can move on to the next thing that matters to your business.

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