Specialist Software Licensing Lawyers to meet your licensing requirements

We help businesses get the right contract terms to licence software

  • Make sure you have the legal rights that you need
  • Avoid over-committing your business with legal obligations
  • Problem spotting and correction in plain English
  • Tech speaking software lawyers
  • Get your software licence right the first time. Don't go off-piste

Our software lawyers have helped businesses setup software licensing using SaaS agreements, as part of larger cloud-based services, on-premise, multi-tenanted software solutions and as a product.

To our law firm, licensing agreements involving software and knowledge of it is a core part of our skill base. 

Advising on software licensing law is what we do. 

Our intellectual property and IT law experience allows us to address software licensing matters quickly. 

Licensing your software properly deals with matters extending well beyond the permissions granted to third parties.

Get advice that adds value to your business, from lawyers who understand the nature of software agreements and how software law works.

Secure Software Licensing Agreements


You can:

  • build and protect value with legal documentation suited to your business
  • sign up to licensing agreements with predictable outcomes
  • more readily monitor use of your software and enforce your rights
  • select the software licensing regime that is right for your business, and not just because others seem to think it is the right regime to use
  • enhance decision-making for use of open source software licences. Dodge unintended consequences of open source licensing
  • increase legal certainty with business partners

Why get our legal advice on software licensing agreements?


We are experts in software licensing law. Our law firm can help you out to maximise your investment because our lawyers:

  1. have a deep technical knowledge of software
  2. understand the structures in software and programming techniques and methodologies, components and functions
  3. know the way programming tools affect ownership of intellectual property rights
  4. are experts in copyright protection, patent and design rights as they apply to software
  5. well versed in the construction of open source licence and requirements when it comes to proprietary software

We have prepared, advised on and negotiated software licensing agreements on:

  • use of data generated by software and limitations of use for specific purposes
  • entitlements and rights under Oracle, iOS, Android, open source and commercial software licences
  • ownership and strength of rights software prior to acquisitions
  • legal structures and models for distribution and licensing of software globally
  • framework agreements to ease software contract management burdens and overheads
  • cross-licencing of software by multiple companies to create pools of IP software rights for on-licensing


Our law firm's software lawyers have helped businesses engaged in the commercial and domestic energy business, online gaming, share market trading, streaming of films and music, and global transfers money.

This has included software designed to perform:

  • automated testing and audit suites
  • interfacing with the banking networks
  • biometric identification applications 
  • quantitative trading 
  • measurement of use of energy, analytics and billing;
  • military applications for use in theatres of war
  • mobile device testing platforms
  • corporate training applications
  • content management systems 

What people say:

Clear Legal Advice

"As soon as we started talking to Leigh, the IP rights we owned became clear and clearer.

He can explain software, IP rights and tech law without your eyes glazing over with the 'what’s he talking about?' thoughts. We ended up with a strong contractual position in our negotiations."

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Iain Kennedy


Psand Limited

Commercial Understanding

"He’s got a good understanding on a wide range of topics ... and he understands our business and our values. He understands technology.

I can talk to him about technical issues and the legal issues connected to those technical issues and he understands them both. That means it's easier to brief him.

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Chief Technology Officer

Software as a Service

Efficient, Knowledgeable

"We received help with understanding the extent we could negotiate on the legal terms and check the agreements to make sure we were not being sold short.

When you have many contracts to review in a short space of time, it is too much to take in and think through clearly. Leigh prioritised the work for us, came back to us quickly so that we could decide how we wanted to proceed."

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Mattias Söderhielm


Hattrick Limited

Less Time & Money on Legals

"Shopping around for a solicitor is a pain. When you pick a solicitor you have to take a risk somewhere. Leigh put me at ease in the initial conversation, and made it clear that he understands the commercial side of the law.

Now, we spend far less time and money on legal problems in our business."

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Aron Calder




What can we do for you?


Our software licensing lawyers provide legal advice on how to license software and matters such as:

  1. whether software and associated can be sublicensed to others
  2. whether it can be combined with other software products without harming the legal position of your business, and the limitations
  3. when proprietary software can be used in conjunction with sublicensed software
  4. who actually owns the IP rights in software
  5. when ownership and valuable rights in software are automatically lost and thrown away
  6. resolve ambiguity which may render enforcement of contract rights more difficult, uneconomical or impossible
  7. weeding out legal tricks of the trade in contracts that will hurt your business
  8. SaaS agreements, EULA template agreements, commercial software licences (open source or not) and proprietary software licences are fit for purpose
  9. protect your software, even on free software licences
  10.  advice on standard terms of contract which are omitted from drafts, but should be included

We are well qualified and experienced to unravel and explain the legal effect of  lawyer’s jargon.

Move to a position where you can focus on the important legal issues and know which ones aren't.

Specialist Software Licensing law firm 

Make informed software licensing agreement decisions, and protect your software in the process

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